Michele Tantardini Public Administrator

ASPA South Florida Chapter Board Member, Michele Tantardini, received the 2016 Bill Collins Award at the SECoPA Conference in Charleston, SC.

Looking for a job? Look locally!

The best place to make a difference is in your own community. Put your degree to work with a job at one of our many South Florida cities, villages, counties, or even at the state government level. Below is a list of South Florida government offices offering Public Administration jobs.

Check these listings often, as jobs are posted frequently on these websites.

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find out about open or opening positions. So get out there and start networking. Build your network and connect with other Public Administrators by joining your local ASPA chapter and other professional organizations.

Volunteer to work on a community project. This is another great way to build your community network, which you will find becomes quit valuable in your career as a Public Administrator.

Apply for local awards and grants, submit papers. These are all very appealing credentials for a prospective employer to see on a resume.

Start building!


City Jobs in Miami-Dade County



City Jobs in Broward County



County Jobs






To learn more about educational requirements and degree programs in Public Administration, read An Education in Public Administration.