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The first ever American Society of Public Administration podcast, devoted to public sector best practices in business and Academic Administration and Research, is here! The public sector is the primary focus, followed by private sector and non profits in both industry and Higher Education institutions.
The premiere podcast features guest co-host Dr. Allen Rosenbaum, President-Elect of ASPA National, who will speak to his effort on his upcoming term as well as Schedule F for the Federal Service which has unfortunate consequences for their employees. Regular co-hosts include Isidoro Lopez, current President of ASPA South Florida Chapter, Tom Hotz, MPA, member of the Board of Directors and DBA HR Candidate at Northcentral University, and Ben N. Paley, MPA, Law Student at Nova University.

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ASPA South Florida Podcast – S1 Episode 7

June 28, 2021
Welcome to our latest installment of PUBLIC SECTOR WORKS!, premiere podcast of American Society of Public Administration South Florida Chapter. Special Guest is Mr. Gregory Harrison, City Manager of Pompano Beach, Florida, speaking to Best Practices in Public Administration with special viewpoint to how his staff negotiated the COVID-19 pandemic successfully. Such exemplary service has just earned him an ASPA Best Practices Award for this year. With regular host Tom Hotz, MPA and Phd/HR Candidate, Board Member of ASPA S Florida, and Adjunct Prof, Business Communications at Stephen F Austin University Online. Co-hosts: Bill Solomon, MPA-JD and Adjunct with three major Universities in Florida; and Ben N. Paley, 3L Student at Nova SE University Law School, and Executive Editor of the ILSA Journal of International and Comparative Law.

ASPA South Florida Podcast – S1 Episode 4

April 2, 2021

This episode features Paul Markham, Ph.D and Full Professor at Northcentral University. He speaks to the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Private Sector and how these methods can be transferred to the Public Sector for best practices in Administration. Hosts: Tom Hotz, MPA and PhD Candidate, HR, Northcentral University; Isidoro Lopez, President of ASPA South Florida Board of Directors; and Benjamin N Paley, 2L Law Student, Nova.


ASPA South Florida Podcast – S1 Episode 3

February 22, 2021

Join us for the Feb 2021 ASPA Podcast celebrating Black History Month! The special guest co-host is Valerie Patterson, Ph.D., Director, African and Diaspora Studies/Clinical Professor of Public Administration at FIU School of International & Public Affairs. She speaks to individuals whose contributions stand out in her mind and other topics.


ASPA South Florida Podcast – S1 Episode 2

January 30, 2021
Please join us for our second installment of “PUBLIC SECTOR WORKS!”, the official podcast of the American Society of Public Administration (ASPA) South Florida. Tom Diamon, MPA, DBA/HR Candidate hosts with co-host Isidoro Lopez, President of the Board of Directors, South Florida ASPA. Special guest: Agatha Caraballo, Ph.D., Associate Teaching Professor and Assistant Chair, Department of Public & Policy Administration, Florida International University (FIU) speaking to Best Practices in Academe.

ASPA South Florida Podcast – S1 Episode 1

December 20, 2020

The first ever American Society of Public Administration S Florida Podcast dedicated to Public Sector Best Practices in Business and Academe Administration & Research. Public sector is a primary focus, followed by other sectors (private, non-profit etc.)