The Society is the professional home for more than 9,000 PA practitioners, academics and students with its South Florida Chapter consisting of 245 members strong and growing. The Chapter embraces the society's original concept in finding ways of assisting its members to work better in their profession under the auspices of the national founder.

ASPA was established 70 years ago to professionalize the public service, to keep members on the cutting edge of good government, and to help answer the enduring question of how to make a government work better. Over the years the Society has played a major role in achieving these ends.

The Society is a non-for profit internationally recognized Society committed to excellence in public service. ASPA provides its membership with education, research, technical assistance and networking opportunities between academics and practitioners.

ASPA's Mission

To advance excellence in public service.

South Florida Chapter's Mission

to enhance public administration, promote the profession and preserve the public trust by providing expertise, direction, and leadership for all its members and other stakeholders.
Currently, ASPA, South Florida Chapter awards two $500.00 scholarships annually and a $1,000 Natacha Seijas scholarship to a female student whose career interest lies in public administration. The Society sponsors regional, sectional and national conferences as well as local chapter meetings addressing a variety of public administration topics.

Public Administration Topics

  • I. Serve the Public Interest: Beyond serving oneself.
  • II. Respect the Constitution and the Law:Respect, support, and study government constitutions and laws that define responsibilities of public agencies, employees, and all citizens.
  • III. Demonstrate Personal Integrity: Demonstrate the highest standards in all activities to inspire public confidence and trust in public service.
  • IV. Promote Ethical Organizations: Strengthen organizational capabilities to apply ethics, efficiency and effectiveness in serving the public.
  • V. Strive for Professional Excellence: Strengthen individual capabilities and encourage the professional development of others. Allocate time to meet with students and provide a bridge between classroom studies and the realities of public service.

ASPA Member Publications

ASPA offers its members several publications, first is the Public Administration Review

  • PAR
    Rated #1 in journal citations, PAR is the premier journal in public administration. Crucial for keeping its members current on important research.
    A monthly newspaper focusing on the concerns of public administrators and highlighting best practices in the field. Features the recruiter, and employment sections.
  • ASPA's WEB
    The Society's website-with more than 40,000 visitors per month, ASPA's web site keeps members up to date on the field of public service, as well as ASPA's own projects, products and services.
  • Publications Discount Program
    Cutting edge books and journals are also available to members to stay current in their chosen field.

ASPA South Florida Chapter In Action