Membership to the American Society for Public Administration, South Florida Chapter is an essential tool for those in public service. Joining is easy. But first, let is walk you through the benefits of membership.


ASPA offers its members several publications, first is the Public Administration Review

  • PA TIMES: A monthly newspaper focusing on the concerns of public administrators and highlighting best practices in the field. Features the recruiter, and employment sections.
  • ASPA’s WEB: The Society’s website-with more than 40,000 visitors per month, ASPA’s web site keeps members up to date on the field of public service, as well as ASPA’s own projects, products and services.
  • Publications Discount Program: Cutting edge books and journals are also available to members to stay current in their chosen field.
  • PAR: Rated #1 in journal citations, PAR is the premier journal in public administration. Crucial for keeping its members current on important research.


  • Networking—Interactions with professional public managers not only provides the basis for lasting friendships, but offers opportunities for informal consultation with skilled professionals on matters of public concern.
  • Professional Development—A series of luncheon speakers and professional development seminars on cutting edge topics enable you to develop critical technical, ethical and leadership competencies.
  • News and Views—ASPA membership is one way to keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening in your community.
  • Advancing Public Service—Learning about best practices provides the opportunity to better serve the citizenry of Miami-Dade County and other parts of South Florida.
  • Conference Participation—Supplementing ASPA’s national and state conferences on public administration is the inauguration of a South Florida conference with informative presentations from professional practitioners and academics.
  • Visibility Among Peers—ASPA’s South Florida chapter rewards excellence in public service with annual awards, scholarships, internships and other forms of personal recognition for outstanding performance.
  • Community Service—Chapter efforts are designed to provide outreach and special assistance to needy segments of our community.
  • Spotlight Miami—With the national ASPA Conference coming to Miami in 09 the chapter has the opportunity to put a spotlight on the exciting South Florida community.
  • Liaison with Educational Efforts—The chapter has established linkages with area high school and higher educational institutions to encourage students to consider careers in public service.
  • Public-Private Partnerships—The ASPA chapter is cultivating close relationships with nonprofit and private sector service providers in recognition of the changing face of the public service profession.


Since 1939, ASPA has been the nation’s most respected society representing all forums in the public service arena. It is an advocate for greater effectiveness in government, agents of goodwill and professionalism, publishers of democratic journalism at its very best, purveyors of progressive theory and practice and providers of global citizenship. ASPA leaders believe that by embracing new ideas, addressing key public service issues and promoting change at the local, federal and international levels, the society can enhance the quality of lives worldwide.

Part I: Video that explains what the American Society for Public Administration does and the benefits of membership.
Part II: Video that explains what the American Society for Public Administration does and the benefits of membership.

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